Simply Natural


 I am a wife and mother of three children and I have a passion for all of my hobbies...especially photography.  I worked as a photographer for Sears Portrait Studio until my husband's work took us away from the city.  And now, years later, after taking family photos for friends for years and submitting photos for critique and receiving great reviews, I decided to turn my hobby into a new profession. I graduated from the New York Institute of Photography in New York and received my certification,  and have taken part in workshops with credited and award winning photographers.  I have been learning and growing ever since.  I am a published Accredited member of the Professional Photographer's Association of Canada specializing in Newborn Photography and registered in Alberta as a member of the Best Newborn Photographers in Canada and am a member of the IAOPP. 
Ever the perfectionist, I take great pride in striving to capture gorgeous memories.  With this in mind I want to let you know that while I LOVE Pinterest, I don't want to recreate it in any way.  So please let's create new memories for you and your families and I will photograph your loved ones in their wonderful uniqueness and beauty.  Photography is an art, and art is beautiful.

Natasha Dewing, accredited newborn Photographer, ppoc